The Cave

Our self-constructed underground space – consisting of winery, cellar, and tasting room – is fondly known as The Cave. With tasting room walls made from reclaimed wood siding from an old horse-barn in East Texas, and birch plywood panels throughout the winery, guests catch a glimpse of the same skill and artistry comprising our wines.

Reservations are limited by design, leaving plenty of room for conversation and learning.


Calais’ Vineyard Philosophy

Because great wine begins in the vineyard, we cultivate strong relationships with Texas grape growers to ensure that the highest quality fruit goes into our wines. Sourced from the best sites Texas offers, we take a hands-on approach to managing the fruit, including site-selection, variety choice, pruning and training methods, yield amounts, and harvest date determination. All of this equates to high standards, leading to top-quality wines. We proudly make our wines from 100% Texas grapes.

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Calais’ Winery Philosophy

Along with superior fruit, Calais uses native yeasts when possible to make wines of the highest caliber. The fruit is handled with utmost care throughout the winemaking.

Calais’ attention to detail continues with custom-crafted French oak barriques diligently attended to. Next, wines are moved under nitrogen pressure or by gravity without ever being pumped. This kind of élevage – ‘bringing up/rearing’ – only makes sense above a certain quality level, as in Calais’ fine wines.

The Wines to Beat

Our production is limited and sold exclusively to our consumers via the following channels:

​At The Cave tasting room in Hye, TX
​Through our Allocation List for our limited releases.


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